Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Two Too Friendly Conmen

This warning is brought to you by the East Barnet Safer Neighbour Team and Barnet Trading Standards.

We had a lovely 89 yrs old chap in this morning who reported that yesterday he was met in the street in East Barnet by a very plausible chap pretending to know him. He shook his hand and greeted him like a long lost friend before following him home and mentioning about cleaning his windows.

Once at home another male joined them and between them suggested that repair work needed to be carried out to the window frames and the roof. They disappeared out of sight for a brief time and then reappeared claiming £40 for cleaning the windows plus £200 for the repairs. The gentlemen stated that they did no work whatsoever. As it happened he managed to palm them off by stating he did not hold money or a cheque book and would have to get his nephew to come along to bring the money. Strangely they "ummed and ar'd then left".

Two white males: one in his mid 20's and the other early 30's. Both athletic build, height 5' 08'' to 5' 10". No distinguishable accent or anything else (the informant has difficulty with his eyesight).

If you hear of this or anything similar please call 999.

Paul Hammond, Barnet Borough Watch

Barnet News