Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Planning Application: 15 OPN Objection Letter

Further to my previous posts, I have now placed an objection letter online:

If you wish to object to the demolition of 15 Oakleigh Park North and its replacement with a 4-storey block of 7 flats and 12 car parking spaces, please download a standard objection letter or you can download the text to use as the basis for your own letter, which will of course carry more weight.

Please ensure your objection letter is posted to arrive before Wednesday, 12th November.

Also, if you want to see the detailed plans, please let me know. Meanwhile, thank you for your support.

Michael Soliatis

24 Oakleigh Park North
t. 020 8445 0336

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Planning Application: 15 OPN Front Elevation

Even though they are still not available online at the Barnet Planning web site, here is a drawing of the proposed front elevation:

You can download this picture as a PDF. (You'll need Adobe Reader to open and view it.)

Please note the following about this proposed development:

  • The bulk is much the same as proposed in the previous application that was withdrawn.

  • At just 1 metre less than Greenleaf Court, it will be the next tallest structure on the Oakleigh Park estate.

  • As before, the proposal is still for a structure of 4 storeys except that the top level has been placed in the roof.

  • The dormer windows and the large window that fills the right-hand gable end will overlook neighbours.

I am in the process of finalising a list of possible objections which will be posted here in a few days time.

Meanwhile, please contact me if you would like to see the plans or have any questions or useful information.

Michael Soliatis

24 Oakleigh Park North
t. 020 8445 0336

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Planning Application: 15 Oakleigh Park North

Following the withdrawal last January of their original planning application to demolish the family home at 15 Oakleigh Park North and build a block of seven flats, Mr A Gershfield and Mrs V Mawhinney submitted a second application (B/03734/08) on October 7th that proposes:

Demolition of existing house and redevelopment of site with part single, part two and part three storey block plus rooms in roofspace comprising of 7 No. flats with 12 car parking spaces at rear, associated landscaping, bin store and cycle store.

If you have not received a notice letter from Barnet Planning, you can download a copy here, which includes a guide to raising objections. (This is a PDF document that requires Adobe Reader to open and read it.) The planning application can also be viewed online: Just click on the Barnet Planning Applications link in the right-hand column of this page and search for planning application B/03734/08 or 15 Oakleigh Park North.

The main difference between the previous application and the new one is that the new application is for a block of flats three storeys high rather than the four storeys originally proposed.

From my conversations with neighbours, I am aware that there is a general concern that if this development is allowed to proceed it will set a precedent for replacing homes on the Oakleigh Park estate with blocks of flats that will irrevocably change the character of the area.

If you wish to object to this planning application, please be aware that you only have until 12th November.

I shall be obtaining a copy of the plans and drawing up a list of possible objections which will be available on this web site within a few days. Meanwhile, please contact me if you have any questions or useful information.

Also, please discuss this matter with your immediate neighbours. If they haven't already subscribed to the OPRA E-Mail List to receive notifications about new posts to this web site, please urge them to subscribe by completing the form in the right-hand column of this page.

Michael Soliatis

24 Oakleigh Park North
t. 020 8445 0336

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter

Here is the Aug-Sep 08 Newsletter from Andy Corbett PC216SX of the Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Team

Welcome to the August/September 2008 newsletter. I apologise that this issue is bi-monthly. This period is traditionally a heavy annual leave period for the team.

The crime figures follow. The team were expecting a rise in reported crime and anti-social behaviour during the late summer months. This did not materialise in any significant form.

The number of artifice burglaries has dropped drastically. My opinion is that members of the public have been questioning door-to-door callers a little more intrusively and this questioning has had the desired effect. The bad guys have gone away. So a big well done. Anyway, enough of my opinions and on to the crime figures.


Burglary-residential: 2
23.08.08 Cissbury Ring, N12. Forced window, jewellery and cash stolen.
24.08.08 Totteridge Village, N20. Window smashed, nothing stolen.

Burglary-non residential: 2
28.08.08 Totteridge Lane, N20. Attempted entry by force, nothing taken.
29.08.08 Lullington Garth, N12. Entry by force, nothing stolen.

Robbery: 0

Domestic Assault: 1
15.08.08 Clements Close, N12. Minor assault, suspect arrested.

Theft of motor vehicle: 2
12.08.08 Woodside Park Road, N12. Moped stolen, recovered by Police.
25.08.08 Woodside avenue, N12. Vehicle taken by means unknown.

Theft from motor vehicle: 3
01.08.08 Northiam, N12. Car stereo taken whilst victim on holiday.
27.08.08 Totteridge Lane, N20. Car stereo taken, window smashed.
29.08.08 Woodside Lane, N20. Handbag from vehicle, window smashed.

Criminal damage to motor vehicle: 0


Burglary residential: 5
02.09.08 Church Path, N12. Forced entry, jewellery and cash taken.
02.09.08 Friern Barnet Lane, N20. Attempt to enter through locked patio doors.
03.09.08 Friern Barnet Lane, N20. Entry through locked patio doors, nothing taken.
14.09.08 Rodmell Slope, N12. Vehicle taken after premises entered, not by force.
24.09.08 Laurel Way, N20. Forced entry large amount of electrical equipment stolen.

Burglary Non residential: 0

Robbery: 0

Domestic Assault: 4
09.09.08 High road, N20. Argument escalates, suspect arrested.
14.09.08 Chanctonbury Way, N12. Actual bodily harm, suspect arrested.
21.09.08 Sweets Way, N20. Victim pushed to the floor, suspect arrested.
26.09.08 Darcy Close, N20. Victim pushed causing minor injury.
30.09.08 Birley Road, N20. Victim slapped, no injury.

Theft of motor vehicle: 0

Theft from motor vehicle: 4
19.09.08 Laurel Way, N20. Suspect found by owner in vehicle.
21.09.08 Wykeham Rise, N20. Number plates taken.
23.09.08 Holden Road, N12. Bag removed from un-locked vehicle.
30.09.08 Chanctonbury Way, N12. Forced entry to van.

Criminal damage to motor vehicle: 0


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Police Notice - High Barnet - Cash Point Scams

The Police wish you to be aware that there have been a number of scams at local cash points in the area over the last week. Methods used are still the same as before:

  • Distraction at the cash point when using your card.

  • People hovering around a cash point, your card stays inside the machine and, when you go inside to tell bank staff, those outside use a magnetic strip to remove your card from the machine.

Be aware: If anyone tries to distract/talk to you or even gets too close, abort your transaction, remove your card and try later elsewhere.

Use an ATM only when necessary: Take cash-back from shops when possible. If possible take someone with you when you use an ATM.

Report anything suspicious.

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