Thursday, 16 June 2011

Barnet Community Safety Engagement Group Public Meeting/AGM

Barnet Community Safety Engagement Group (CSEG) would like to invite you to a public meeting to give an update on the SNT consultation results which are due out by the end of June:
Date: 7th July
Time: 19.00 - 20.30
Location: Avenue House, 17 East End Road, Finchley, N3 3QE
The Borough Commander and Chief Inspector Simon Causer will be attending to answer any questions on the consultation results. In addition, the CSEG will be hosting its annual general meeting and is looking for new executive group members. If you are interested in nominating yourself or somebody else for executive group membership please email Anahied Hatamian by the 4th July.
To reserve your place at this event please please email Anahied Hatamian or call 020 8364 8400 ext: 203

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

St John Ambulance Fundraising Campaign

This is to advise you of a fundraising campaign for St John Ambulance in the London Borough of Barnet that will commence on Friday 17 June 2011 and will operate in the borough throughout the remain months of 2011. The Police and Trading Standards in Barnet have also been informed.
The campaign, using a team of professional fundraisers who work solely on behalf of St John Ambulance, involves canvassing door to door to talk to residents about the work of St John Ambulance and to encourage their support with a voluntary donation, by Direct Debit only. They DO NOT collect cash and are in fact forbidden to do so.
The fundraisers all wear identification badges and sweatshirts/t-shirts bearing the St John Ambulance logo.
This email is to inform you of the activity should any member of the public question the status of the canvassers. St John Ambulance is the holder of a House to House Order of Exemption (reference CHC/87-7/207-1 ), which enables us to fundraise in this way.
At the beginning of each week, I will be able to send a list of fundraisers names together with their unique EDP (reference) number. I would be grateful if you could advise if it would be useful if I were to forward this information onto others in the Barnet area. We have found from past experience that the more people we can inform in advance, the less problems you may encounter from the public.
Anyone wishing to confirm the identification of a fundraiser should they be approached should ask for their name and identification number and call 0845 222 11 99.
This form of fundraising is extremely important to us because the more long-term supporters we recruit, the more funds we can raise - and the greater the potential St John Ambulance has to continue with its life-saving activities in our local communities. For St John Ambulance this is one of our most successful activities. As you will probably know we have to fundraise as we do not receive Government funding for carrying out our first aid duties. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
Murat Ismail
Direct Marketing Executive St John Ambulance, 27 St John's Lane, London EC1M 4BU
T 020 7324 4153

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