Saturday, 17 March 2012

Petition to Stop Barnet's traffic-light controlled crossings being removed.

On 20 Feb the Cabinet of Barnet Council agreed to Councillor Brian Coleman's plan to review every traffic light controlled crossing in Barnet, with the intention of removing them if possible. All decisions on individual crossings would be made under delegated powers.

Julia Hines of Age UK Barnet has created an online petition that states:

Pelican crossings are vital for older people, those with disabilities, including sensory impairment, physical disabilities and learning disabilities and children. Given Barnet Council's record on road safety, we believe money would be better spent improving road safety rather than reducing it. In 2010 Barnet had the highest number of road deaths of any London Borough (9) and the second highest number of accidents causing injury (1520).

To sign her petition, please click here.

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