Thursday, 16 October 2008

Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter

Here is the Aug-Sep 08 Newsletter from Andy Corbett PC216SX of the Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Team

Welcome to the August/September 2008 newsletter. I apologise that this issue is bi-monthly. This period is traditionally a heavy annual leave period for the team.

The crime figures follow. The team were expecting a rise in reported crime and anti-social behaviour during the late summer months. This did not materialise in any significant form.

The number of artifice burglaries has dropped drastically. My opinion is that members of the public have been questioning door-to-door callers a little more intrusively and this questioning has had the desired effect. The bad guys have gone away. So a big well done. Anyway, enough of my opinions and on to the crime figures.


Burglary-residential: 2
23.08.08 Cissbury Ring, N12. Forced window, jewellery and cash stolen.
24.08.08 Totteridge Village, N20. Window smashed, nothing stolen.

Burglary-non residential: 2
28.08.08 Totteridge Lane, N20. Attempted entry by force, nothing taken.
29.08.08 Lullington Garth, N12. Entry by force, nothing stolen.

Robbery: 0

Domestic Assault: 1
15.08.08 Clements Close, N12. Minor assault, suspect arrested.

Theft of motor vehicle: 2
12.08.08 Woodside Park Road, N12. Moped stolen, recovered by Police.
25.08.08 Woodside avenue, N12. Vehicle taken by means unknown.

Theft from motor vehicle: 3
01.08.08 Northiam, N12. Car stereo taken whilst victim on holiday.
27.08.08 Totteridge Lane, N20. Car stereo taken, window smashed.
29.08.08 Woodside Lane, N20. Handbag from vehicle, window smashed.

Criminal damage to motor vehicle: 0


Burglary residential: 5
02.09.08 Church Path, N12. Forced entry, jewellery and cash taken.
02.09.08 Friern Barnet Lane, N20. Attempt to enter through locked patio doors.
03.09.08 Friern Barnet Lane, N20. Entry through locked patio doors, nothing taken.
14.09.08 Rodmell Slope, N12. Vehicle taken after premises entered, not by force.
24.09.08 Laurel Way, N20. Forced entry large amount of electrical equipment stolen.

Burglary Non residential: 0

Robbery: 0

Domestic Assault: 4
09.09.08 High road, N20. Argument escalates, suspect arrested.
14.09.08 Chanctonbury Way, N12. Actual bodily harm, suspect arrested.
21.09.08 Sweets Way, N20. Victim pushed to the floor, suspect arrested.
26.09.08 Darcy Close, N20. Victim pushed causing minor injury.
30.09.08 Birley Road, N20. Victim slapped, no injury.

Theft of motor vehicle: 0

Theft from motor vehicle: 4
19.09.08 Laurel Way, N20. Suspect found by owner in vehicle.
21.09.08 Wykeham Rise, N20. Number plates taken.
23.09.08 Holden Road, N12. Bag removed from un-locked vehicle.
30.09.08 Chanctonbury Way, N12. Forced entry to van.

Criminal damage to motor vehicle: 0


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