Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Summary of Barnet Boroughwatch AGM

The good news is that Barnet Borough has had a dramatic decrease in alcohol related violence.
The bad news is that on burglaries Barnet is “the most challenged borough”. There has been a large increase in burglaries and Barnet police are working hard at tackling this. Most burglaries occur during the day when people are at work.
Give a "lived in" look by doing simple things like...
  • Keep lights on while you’re out or use a timer switch if returning after dark.
  • Keep key and loose valuables like laptops, cameras and mobiles out of sight from anyone looking in.
  • Secure rear garden. Lock sheds, back doors and windows. Keep gates shut and locked.
  • Don’t leave ladders or tools outside.
  • Use front and back lights.
  • Use burglar alarms.
  • Do not leave the dustbins out longer than necessary. Agree with your neighbour to move back the dustbins after collection especially if away on holiday.
Communicate with your neighbours: Encourage your neighbours to send their email address to totteridge.nw@gmail.com so that they can receive information from Barnet Boroughwatch and the Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Team. For those neighbours who are elderly or have no email please help them by printing off information and delivering it to them.
The meeting was well attended and informative. Barnet Borough Commander Neil Basu and Chief Inspector Simon Causer discussed the implications of the government cutbacks and the different options which are being considered. At the meeting there were lively questions from Barnet residents and good explanations from our senior police officers. Discussions included:
  • the flexibility to move officers across ward boundaries without having to justify to management
  • the training and use of Special Constables
  • the deployment of Safer Neighbourhood Teams during the Olympics
  • how to deal with a burglary where the premises are occupied.
Survey: 12,000 people responded to the survey which Simon Causer issued in early December. This helps to guide the Chief Inspector in policing policy in Barnet’s 21 wards specifically in the following areas:
  1. Team location
  2. Team responsibility
  3. Team structure
  4. The working shifts of police officers
  5. Safer Transport Teams, (funded by TFL and located at Tally Ho, Edgware and Golders Green)
  6. Safer Schools Teams
  7. Safer Town Centre Teams
Kitty Nabarro

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