Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Thank You Letter From The Borough Commander

To the residents, business people and their employees in Barnet I want to say thank you.
Without your overwhelming support, the police efforts in Barnet and London would not have been possible. It has been a deeply humbling experience that so many of you have come out to say thank you and to talk directly to police officers and community support officers patrolling your streets to keep you safe.
13 days ago, when the worst violence to hit the UK since the 1980s erupted on our streets, my officers and staff said goodbye to their families, cancelled all leave and came to work. They were ready to put their lives on the line and protect the community they love. Thanks to incredibly robust policing in the first 48 hours of the violence, Barnet was spared the worst.
But I am acutely aware that some of our residents and businesses did suffer and many people were left in fear that Barnet would be next. I will always be sorry for that and assure you that on my watch, your police will do everything we can to prevent it from happening.
Never has there been a more important time to examine the relationship between the public and the police. At a time when we have been under the greatest threat we have felt that the vast majority of decent people have stood shoulder to shoulder with us and we salute you for it.
As I toured the Borough last night, I was regaled with stories from my officers and staff about the kindness and concern shown by members of the public, young and old and of every colour and religion. It is a real demonstration of the strength of this Borough.
Please remember that you owe us nothing. This is our job and we are proud to do it on your behalf. But as we return to normality we should never forget that we were in this together, and I would be forever grateful if you continued to extend the hand of friendship you have offered my people long into the future.
In turn we must do the same, talking to you at every opportunity, listening to what you have to say, and making sure you feel safe. Once again - thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Neil Basu
Detective Chief Superintendent
Barnet Borough Commander
Metropolitan Police Service
Tel: 020 8733 4022

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