Thursday, 19 April 2012

Beware Distraction Burglaries

We have had a distraction Burglary in Kenilworth Road.

The suspect posed as a workman saying that he needed to turn off the victim's water. Suspect asked the victim to stay in the kitchen and to tell him when the water stopped or changed colour. During this time the suspect while made a tidy search of the premises.

Please ask people to be aware yet again of people posing as workmen to gain entry to their property. Do not let them in. If in doubt call the company they say they are from (get the number from the phone book) or call police.

Also please get a description of what they look like and what they were wearing.

Nicola Pettitt 7345 SX
Police Community Support Officer
Hale SNT
Barnet Borough Police
SNT Phone: 020 7161 9335

SNT Mobile: 07920 233741

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