Monday, 15 December 2014

Welcome to the relaunched OPRA

Welcome to the relaunched Oakleigh Park Residents’ Association blog. OPRA was set up ten years ago to campaign to stop a proposed bus route planned to operate along Oakleigh Avenue. The residents felt that it was far too narrow for such a route and with the help of more Oakleigh Park residents, the plan was shelved.  Other battles fought and won were over planning applications for blocks of flats. Our intention is to keep those residents who subscribe to OPRA informed of anything that could affect the amenity of the Oakleigh Park area and where necessary liase with council and police.  The area we intend to focus on is Oakleigh Parks North and South, Oakleigh Avenue and the smaller roads coming off them. We have already been contacted by over 65 households, so we are well on our way.  Some have asked if we will be collecting a membership fee and the answer is not at the moment, as we will be using emails for communication we have virtually no paper or printing expenses.  For future events, such as the drinks evening, we will ask for a contribution from those attending to cover costs.  We hope to meet you soon and in the meantime thank you again for your support in joining OPRA.with on-line
Marina Yannakoudakis, Jeanette Fry and Julian Olver

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