Thursday, 11 June 2009

Oakleigh Ward Newsletter - June 2009

This newsletter is to keep you informed updated with some of the latest events on the Oakleigh Ward.


At the end of April two members of the team witnessed a local off license selling alcohol to a group of youths. On being challenged by officers, police found that two of them were if fact only 14 years old. Subsequently the owner of the off license received a Fixed Penalty Notice and has been reported for the offence. This is the second time in just over a year and on that occasion the youngest person was 15 years of age. This has been taken to our licensing team and they are going meeting with the council and review the off licenses liquor license.

Artifice Burglars

Recently the ward was once again visited by artifice burglars. On one of the occasion a man posing as a window cleaner, conned his way into the house of a 94 year old male. The male did have window cleaning equipment with him. After persuading the man to have his rear windows cleaned the resident went into another room whilst the work was apparently completed the window cleaner even came into to show the resident the dirty cloth he had used. When he left the elderly resident found that money has been taken from a room at the back of the house.

The second incident has a completely different MO, A male knocked on the door of a 92 year old woman stated that he was from the council and was checking on her decorations. He flashed an ID card at the resident, but she was unable to see what was on the card. He entered the flat and struck up general conversation about potential work that might need to be done, he went in and out of different rooms in the flat and then was asked to leave by the resident as her carer was about to arrive. After the suspect left she noticed a few things had been moved. Growing concerned check other rooms and found that cupboards and draws had been open and things thrown about. She that checked her purse and found money missing.

We would like everyone to remain extremely vigilant as there is always a risk from these perpetrators. Both of the Victims have been visited by the Safer Neighbourhood Team and all residents in these roads have received bogus caller leaflets.

Car Crime

On the whole over the last month car crime has remained low with only 10 offences. Primarily these offences are where number plates have been taken; we believe that the suspects are using them for avoiding the congestion charge and speed cameras and to avoid other such traffic prosecutions. At the end of April the Oakleigh Team came into the knowledge that a very prolific thief has just been released from prison. Given past experience his is extremely likely to re-offend.

Crime Stats May 2009

On the whole there have been a low number of crimes on the ward in the last couple of months:

· 21 Burglaries (both dwelling and non dwelling)
· 10 Thefts from Motor Vehicles
· 57 Stop & Accounts

The team have made 3 arrests for Actually Bodily Harm and one for robbery.

Locally agreed priorities

· Road Safety
· Burglary
· Anti Social Behaviour

Up coming meetings

There will be a Police Surgery at Marks and Spencer, 1430 High Road, Whetstone on:

Friday 3rd July 2009 from 10 am to 4 pm
Friday 17th July 2009 from 10 am to 4 pm

James Avey, Metropolitan Police

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